Organize your memories

ZZ Photo is an easy-to-use Windows solution to manage all your life
in pictures. Innovative service for automatic image sorting helps you to take care of all photos
on your PC.


Every day we make dozens of photos which end up saved on computers in a chaotic way. When you need to find a certain pic, a problem arises. ZZ Photo application helps you bring peace and order to your home photo library. We scan and import all images not only from your computer (including specific folders like Dropbox or Google Drive) but from Facebook, Instagram and Flickr. By detecting faces on your photos, ZZ Photo can recognize people and sort them by different categories.


We can detect your cat, his fluffy girlfriend next door or your mother’s favorite kitty as well as all dogs in your family during their lifetime. We sort these pictures in special pet albums, the same as we do with people. ZZ Photo can also set in right order your scanned passports and id’s. And we will put your bikini photos aside from the one’s you made while climbing or clubbing.


This smart service scans PC, identifies same images and suggests to delete the one you don’t need. ZZ Photo scans for similar pictures and automatically assigns them identical tags.


You can see pictures in your timeline, on world map with geotags or in collections. For example in folder, social network collection (Facebook, Instagram) or your personal photo collections using tags like Family, Friends, Parties or Travel. Tags also can help you surf the archive.


Private album is secured by password and keeps all your secrets unseen.


It’s convenient

All your pictures albums are in order.

It’s safe

Work with pictures is secure.

It’s private

Albums can be protected by password.

It’s smart

Smart tags help you surf the archive.

It`s easy

You can easily import/export images.

It’s up-to-date

Cloud storage and web-version are coming soon.


Guys really hit the spot! Still didn’t have time to bring my photos from travelling in order. Really needed the software that could clean this mess up!
Lots of photos are heaped in my PC disorderly! I live in a constant search for the right one. Launch the service as soon as possible please!
There’s always no time for picking up necessary photo. So I’m looking forward clear and easy way to search photos in archives. This will save a lot of time. Thanks in advance!
First impression - WOW!
Just looking for something under the Windows!
Latest version: 1.0.373.0 Released on September 18, 2014
116 MB of free space