ZZ Photo is an easy-to-use Windows solution to keep your photos in order.

It’s a full featured service for automate photo sorting. It helps to sort out the messy albums on a PC.

About ZZ Photo —

memory organizer

Almost everyone has a rich record of photo memories. Some of them are kept in folders, some are randomly scattered. When you need to find a certain pic, a problem arises.

If you are mad about stacking pictures and tired of photo piles all over your PC, ZZ Photo is your smart solution for automate photo sorting.

Bulk import/export

of pictures

ZZ Photo imports pictures from a PC, from a camera or social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa).

Photos can be exported to the most popular social networks: Instagram, Facebook.

Smart service

for your PC

ZZ Photo scans a PC, looks for all images identifying duplicate images and deleting them. ZZ Photo scans for likewise pictures automatically giving assigning them a identical tags.

Photo viewing


Photos can be viewed either in albums or in timeline mode. It’s a convenient way to tell your life story by means of photos. Labeled with date alongside with geotags pictures are displayed in a chronological order showing location data.


is a must-have

If a geolocation tag is assigned to a picture, the user can get a map view of the photos. The map depicts places visited and locations where the pictures were taken. A geolocation tag is convenient to search photos.

When a “geotagging” filter is applied, ZZ Photo finds pics automatically by their location data.

Why it`s cool Main advanatages

It’s convenient

All your pictures albums are in order.

It’s safe

Work with pictures is secure.

It’s private

Photos can be protected by passwords.

It’s well organized

Due to tags given to albums and pics the search within the albums is much simplified.

It`s easy-to-use

You can easily import/export pics from your social profiles and all PC folders.

It’s up-to-date

Cloud storage is coming soon.

New life of your memoriestry beta now!

Guys really hit the spot! Still didn’t have time to bring my photos from travelling in order. Really needed the software that could clean this mess up!
Lots of photos are heaped in my PC disorderly! I live in a constant search for the right one. Launch the service as soon as possible please!
There’s always no time for picking up necessary photo. So I’m looking forward clear and easy way to search photos in archives. This will save a lot of time. Thanks in advance!
Latest version: Released on March 26, 2014 116 MB of free space